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So I wondered why no XXth century plane makers made an iron skew filletster plane (except for the Stanley 289 which doesn鈥檛 seem to have been very popular stanley no 78 duplex rabbet & fillister plane manual compared to the standard 78). When buying second hand, be sure to properly inspect the plane for cracks and missing parts. 8 1/2" long with 1 1/2" cutter.

78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillister Plane. A single rod projecting from the left side supports the fence, as you can see from the diagram. Winning bid: US .

Number 78 Lever & Depth Gauge Kit: . >Many of the 78 planes on e-bay are missing the fence and the depth gauge but they are a good deal if you get them cheap enough. 078 Duplex Rabbet & Filletster Plane as illustrated in Catalogue No. A lightly used duplex rebate plane no. 8" long with a 1 1/2 inch cutter. The term rebateor rabbet planerefers to a plane without fences or depth stops. 0 sold, 1 available.

offered for a very short time, SW vintage. (Like Stanley 78). 4 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane - 2-Inch Blade Stanley/2-Inch x 10-Inch Bullnose Rabbet Plane. In this week&39;s video I introduce the Stanley No. 378 Weather Strip Rabbet Plane (makes one wonder if there鈥檚 a No. 78, made in England by Stanley. Will a 78 plane hog off? Antique Stanley no.

Not much is documented about this rare plane. Stanley 190 Rabbet Plane. I see them often on eBay in new/nearly new condition for not much money.

AT CUTTING BLADE. 178 out there somewhere). 78 with Original Box & Manual(Hospiscare) Vintage condition with general wear throughout, please see picture 4 for plane condition, additional parts shown picture 5, packaging has wear, comes with original user manual.

Stanley actually introduced the plane in their 1915 No. 6 cm, trade catalog. Condition: All parts working smoothly. This is another popular Stanley plane, on which the company built a great fortune. improved version of the 180 rebate plane with a nicker and a depth stop. 78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillister Plane - .

To fine tune the width of a groove a Stanley stanley No 79 side rebate plane can be used after the No 78 has done the heavy cutting. Craftsman Duplex Rabbet & Filletster Plane. Stanley Bailey Plane Kits Frogs Screws Thumb : View Cart: SEARCH: Browse by Category:. The 078 also has a depth stop to allow the user to plane to a depth set by the user. 78 rabbet plane at the best online prices at eBay! Stanley 78 Duplex Rabbet Plane,Blade(ONLY)1-1/2 SW logo~NICE馃槑馃槑馃槑S7. Previous user has painted a section of the stanley no 78 duplex rabbet & fillister plane manual plane. Its called Duplex, because there are two location for the cutter.

I found this plane at the flea market last weekend and had been wanting to play with one. 78 Duplex Rabbet & Fillister. 278 Rabbet & Filletster Plane, and then the No. Please see photos. This one was in fairly good condition and was complete. This item Stanley - 78 Duplex Rebate Plane AmazonBasics No. The two planes are almost identical in appearance other than the colour and markings. 78 Duplex Rabbet & Filletster Plane became the No.

路 Stanley No. They made these planes from around 1910 to 1943. Stanley A78 Duplex Aluminum Rabbet Plane Wood Tool Fillister A 78 Sweetheart. What is a record No 778 fence? 路 Vintage Stanley Duplex Rabbet Plane No. I give you a quick demo of what it is and how it works. 78 Plane owners manual. The Stanley 78 is a plane I have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility, compactness and reliable neatness.

路 The Stanley 78 is a plane I have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility, compactness and reliable neatness. Complete. The 78 Duplex Rabbet Plane was manufactured between 18 in the US under model number 12-078. 15, February 1938. The plane is still in manufacture today by Stanley. Addeddate:26:44 Coverleaf 0 Identifier StanleyDuplexRabbetPlaneNo78.

Full Product Details. With a heavy (deep) setting the 78 plane will hog off thick, full length shavings and this is indeed useful for initial cutting and getting quickly down to close depth. The Record duplex 078 plane is heavily based upon the Stanley 78 plane. A similar verison is still being manufactured under the model number 12-978. Stanley 78 W weather stripping plane aka door rabbet plane. See my other auctions.

This plane is awesome and is defini. 78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillister Plane Stanley N o 78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillester Plane 5 Backside of Stanley N o 78 Rebate Plane Showing Cutter Adjustment and Bodmer&39;s Patent Date 5. offered. Combines two planes into one鈥攁 rabbet plane with the blade in the rear, and a bullnose plane with the blade in the front. This an India made copy of the 78 and its fence, guide rod for the fence, depth gauge, and depth gage lock screw all fit the Stanley 78.

The design of the Record No 778 is slightly better in this respect in that it has two rods to support the fence, which is more rigid as a result. I bought one new in the box about a year ago, even though I have, use, and highly recommend, the Veritas Skew Rabbet plane. Vintage Boxed Stanley Eng No 78 Duplex Rabbet & Fillister Plane (1006) 拢75.

Condition is "Used". 23, 83 - and on the blade: PAT NOV. Uses the 78 frame with 78 markings - no W!

YOU GET EVERYTHING IN THE PICTURES. 路 Stanley decided to blend a rabbet and filletster plane and came up with the production model of the Stanley 278 Rabbet and Filletster Plane (See Fig. Stanley Plane Parts Including Bailey Bench, Block, Router, Trim Planes and Cutters. Super high amount of views.

The above was (quickly) typed from Stan Faullin&39;s PDF conversion of the original Stanley No. Here is a Stanley No 71 Router Plane. Teaching Supplies Powerful Manual Drill DIY Woodworking. But I can fit all these missing parts borrowed from my Stanley No 78. The filletster plane is simply a rebate or rabbet plane and can be called such in the day to day of benchwork. New Britan, Conn. 078 plane has two positions for the cutter, one for ordinary work, and the other for bull-nose work.

78 Rabbet Duplex Fillister Plane: Condition: Used. Many of these planes that you find are missing parts. 78 Duplex Rabbet Plane Made In USA - Woodworking Tool.

Only difference is a steel runner that can be attached to the centre of the sole, acting as a gauge to cut weather strip rebates on both sides. The box measures 8. The plane has been an essential part of carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers toolkit. 路 The No.

offered. This auction is for an antique, hard to find 1883 model, old style carpenter rabbet or fillister plane, marked: STANLEY No. The Record 078 is stanley no 78 duplex rabbet & fillister plane manual also referred to as the Record duplex plane. Clean & oiled with a sharp, nick free blade. 78 Duplex filletster and rabbet plane, 8 1/2"L (8 1/4", 1936 on), 1 1/2"W, 3lbs,.

Duplex Rabbet Plane No. 78 10&39;&39; Duplex Rabbet Plane. Dimensions: 8-1/2 inches long Cutter: 1-1/2 inches wide Construction: Cast Iron Finish: Nickel plated trimmings Used to make rabbet and filltster cuts. 50: Number 78 Fence Kit: . MILLERS FALLS No 85 (Stanley No 78) Duplex rabbet fillister plane. Comes with all parts and the original Stanley trade label and box.

路 So stanley no 78 duplex rabbet & fillister plane manual I pulled out my Stanley 78 with a square iron, same tearing on end grain, but a perfect clean cut on long grain. 路 Lets have a closer look at the Millers Falls which are copies of older Stanley designs. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Stanley no. Made in Sheffield, England. 34 catalog, a year before the. Vintage Stanley No. Especially is this so with softwoods and less dense-grained woods. It is fitted with a hardened steel spur, an adjustable depth gauge which is removable, and an adjustable fence which can be used on either.

Harbor Freight sells a "Duplex Rabbet & Fillister Plane" with model number 90310. This plane was so popular and functional, that it still is made today. 路 Record Duplex Rabbet Fillister plane No 078 Found Just the body, I&39;m missing, the blade, the lever cap, the fence & rod, depth stop. 2 views per day, 151 days on eBay. Blade - STANLEY rule and Level Co. THAT NOTCH LOOKS. Millers Falls also made the No. 85, which is an identical version of the Stanley 78.

IF IT&39;S NOT PICTURED THEN YOU DON&39;T. What is a Stanley No 79 side rebate plane? 78, duplex fillester, rabbet, wood plane, USA. Nearly every workman of the time had one of these planes in their kits. As with all planes it has unique nuances everyone should learn of but let鈥檚 discuss the plane in general first. Stanley 190 W Weatherstrip Plane. 78 has been an extremely popular model of plane from the Stanley range of tools for over 100 years now.

No 78 Duplex fillister and rabbet plane, 8 1/2"L (8 1/4", 1936 on), 1 1/2"W, 3lbs,. A great tool to us or for your collection. Free shipping for many products! I鈥檓 straying a little from the bench planes today and documenting the restoration of a Stanley 78 Duplex Filletster and Rabbet Plane. The fence can pass under the sole making it a Fillister plane. When the plane is fitted with a fence and depth stop as shown, it is also called a fillisterplane. It was based on Christian Bodmer鈥檚 patent 1,201,433 granted on October 17 th, 1916 (See Fig. Up front as a Bullnose plane, rear position as a rabbet plane.

PicClick Insights - Stanley A78 Duplex Aluminum Rabbet Plane Wood Tool Fillister A 78 Sweetheart PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 782 views, 5. This auction is for a vintage Stanley No. What is a Stanley 78 plane?

Stanley no 78 duplex rabbet & fillister plane manual

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